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Out and about

Erin enjoying a ride around Rivington. Great to see you out and about Erin, Team GB in the making!

Activity at the CX




Great picture of some of our riders. Well done to all you took part. More pictures added into the gallery.

Remember each time you refresh the gallery page new pictures will be placed or you can click on a picture for the full gallery.



Mossley CRT U8 & U10 Hill Climb Championship 2014

Massive thanks to all riders, parents and organisers. This event could not have happened without you.

Mossley CRT U8 & U10 Hill Climb Championship 2014
Name Cat Time
M.Postlethwaite D 03:04.5
M.Howarth E g 03:34.1
K.Kilgannon E g 03:38.2

Round 2 Results Hill Climb Championship

Mossley CRT Hill Climb Championship 2014
Blackstone Edge
Name Cat Time
M.Postlethwaite Snr 09:46.8
G.Spencer C 10:40.7
D.Whitfield B 10:46.7
D.Worrall Snr 10:57.2
R.Donaldson C 11:03.5
K.Richter B 12:04.5
J.Braun Snr 12:44.4
I.Keir C 13:07.8
C.Bates C 13:38.5
R.Keir Snr 14:23.5
K.Braun C 15:38.6
A.Saint Snr 16:11.2

NEW Bottles in!

photo (1)
NEW Bottles in! If you fancy one contact Pete Donaldson to secure a bottle

U10 TT

Last week we held the TT events at Tameside Circuit.  Some U10 riders posing for the camera. Well done riders!