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Zoom Sessions – Lockdown 2

We’re nearly through our 2nd lockdown, there was a glimer of hope that we may be back on the track in November unfortunately this was snatched away from us. I’ve got to say, the zoom sessions are an absolute life saver, with Covid the kids in and out of school and general disruption, having a regular meet up with the members at Mossley Cycle Racing Team (CRT) has been great for the heart and soul.

The sessions each week are on Zoom, are taken by our accredited British Cycling coaches. The training has really pushed us all, I’d go as far to say we are probably fitter now thn we’ve ever been. We’ve recently purchased a PRS licence to play audio throughout to keep motivation and pace up. Finishing on occassions with a slightly cringy YMCA, all great fun !! I’m sure my neighbours think I’m going mad when they see me sat on a bike in the garage doing the hand / arm waving required to form the letters. Y. M. C. A.

We’d like to build on the success and engage with more cycle, road or mountain bike, enthusiasts or anyone who just wants to keep fit. All you need is a bike, a turbo, rollers or an exercise / spin bike. Our membership is open and really is a nominal amount of around £15 per adult or £30 per family.